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Collision Center Frequently Asked Questions

Should I Take My Vehicle to a Claims Center or Get Multiple Appraisals?

Your insurer can inspect vehicle damages at a collision center of your choice, as opposed to one of their drive-in claims centers. They cannot legally coerce or use any tactics to stop you from contacting an independent body shop of your own.

What Should I Do If I Am Involved in an Accident?

Report every accident, no matter how small, to your insurance company and the police. Be sure to contact the collision repair shop of your choice, such as our Cumberland Collision Center. We will assist you with the processing of your claim by answering your questions, providing free estimates, and ensuring that proper repairs are handled.

How Do I Know If I Am Being Steered?

Be wary of being told that it will take longer to get your vehicle repaired at your own shop. If you are told that it might cost more at a shop of your choosing, be concerned. Any comments like "We don´t reimburse paint and materials,” “The work cannot be guaranteed if you take the vehicle there,” or “We won´t pay the difference,” are generally untrue and misleading.

Why Should I Choose My Own Collision Repair Center Instead of One “Suggested” by My Insurance Company?

There are tons of reasons to choose your own repair center rather that one picked by your insurance. For starters, at a repair center such as ours will ensure that your vehicle is restored to its pre-accident condition. Keep in mind that insurance appraisers work for your insurance company; therefore they have their own agenda. We work for you! We can work directly with your insurance provider to ensure that your vehicle receives the proper care.

Who Guarantees the Workmanship for the Repairs?

Since insurance companies only pay for repairs, it is the repair center that is responsible for the workmanship. The repair facility you choose will guarantee the repairs. Just ask us!

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